Work safely at heights

CPCCCM2012 – Work safely at heights


Work safely at heights is a comprehensive training program designed to equip participants with the essential knowledge and practical skills required to effectively and safely undertake tasks at elevated locations. This course is ideal for individuals in construction, maintenance, and various industries where working at heights is a common requirement.

Throughout this course, participants will gain a deep understanding of the principles, procedures, and best practices for working safely at heights, in compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards. The curriculum covers a range of essential topics, including hazard identification, risk assessment, fall prevention, and the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Key Course Topics:

  1. Introduction to Working at Heights:
    • Understanding the significance of working safely at heights
    • Legal and regulatory requirements pertaining to working at heights
  2. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment:
    • Identifying potential hazards associated with working at elevated locations
    • Conducting risk assessments and implementing control measures
  3. Fall Prevention and Fall Protection:
    • Exploring fall prevention strategies
    • Proper use of guardrails, safety harnesses, and other fall protection systems
  4. Safe Work Practices:
    • Planning and organizing tasks to minimize risks
    • Communication and coordination when working as a team at heights
  5. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
    • Selection, fitting, and use of appropriate PPE for working at heights
    • Inspection and maintenance of PPE
  6. Emergency Response and Rescue Procedures:
    • Preparing for emergencies and evacuation procedures
    • Basic techniques for assisting a fallen or injured colleague
  7. Practical Exercises and Simulations:
    • Hands-on training in a controlled environment
    • Simulated scenarios to apply knowledge and skills learned

By the end of the Work safely at heights course, participants will have developed a strong foundation in safe practices for working at heights, enabling them to carry out their responsibilities with confidence and competence. Successful completion of the course will also contribute to a safer work environment, reduced incidents, and enhanced overall workplace efficiency.


1 Day

Pre-requisite Unit

CPCCWHS2001 Apply WHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry.


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Work safely at heights

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