Refund and Returns Policy 



The purpose of this policy is to acknowledge that, in accordance with legislation, Connection Group Australia (Connection Group Australia) will provide a refund to learners enrolled with the RTO in accordance with this policy.  


As Connection Group Australia offers only short courses, all fees require upfront payment at least 48 hours prior to commencement.   

A refund of 50% of course fees will be refunded should the learner not commence their course.  The remaining 50% is retained by Connection Group Australia to cover administrative and course preparation costs. 

Once the course has commenced, Connection Group Australia will refund 25% of the fees in the event that the learner cancels their course to cover administration and course delivery costs.

Should Connection Group Australia cancel a course for any reason, we will either: 

  1. Provide credit for enrolment in a later course 
  2. Refund all fees paid by the learner 
  3. Transfer for your enrolment to a later course 


Need help?

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Refund and Returns Policy