Observe Permit Work (Spotter/ Sentry)

MSMPER202- Observe permit work


Observe Permit Work in High-Risk Environments is a comprehensive training program designed to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively observe and manage permit-based work activities within high-risk industrial environments. This course focuses on promoting safety, risk management, and compliance with regulations in industries such as construction, mining, oil and gas, and manufacturing.

Participants will delve into the principles of permit-to-work systems, which are essential for ensuring that hazardous tasks are carried out safely and efficiently. Through a combination of theoretical lessons, practical exercises, case studies, and real-world simulations, learners will gain a deep understanding of the following key areas:

  • Permit-to-Work Systems: Explore the fundamentals of permit-to-work systems, including the different types of permits, roles and responsibilities of permit issuers and recipients, and the importance of clear communication throughout the process.
  • Hazard Identification: Learn how to identify potential hazards associated with permit-based activities, and develop the ability to assess risks and determine appropriate control measures to mitigate them.
  • Safety Regulations and Standards: Familiarise yourself with relevant industry regulations, codes, and standards governing permit work. Gain insights into compliance requirements to ensure a safe work environment.
  • Permit Approval and Issuance: Study the process of approving and issuing permits, including the documentation required, authorisation procedures, and the significance of verifying pre-requisites before granting permits.
  • Observational Skills: Develop the art of effective observation, including how to assess ongoing permit work, monitor adherence to safety protocols, and intervene if unsafe conditions or behaviours are identified.
  • Emergency Response: Understand the importance of emergency response plans and procedures in permit work environments. Learn how to respond to unexpected situations and support the management of emergencies.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Master effective communication strategies for interacting with permit holders, supervisors, and other stakeholders involved in permit-based activities. Collaborate to ensure smooth permit processes and heightened safety awareness.
  • Incident Reporting and Analysis: Explore methods for reporting incidents, near misses, and potential hazards. Learn how to conduct post-incident analysis to prevent future occurrences.

This course may involve hands-on exercises, group discussions, and site visits to provide participants with practical exposure to real-world scenarios. It is recommended for individuals seeking to enhance their skills in overseeing permit work in environments where safety is paramount.

By the end of the course, participants will have gained a solid foundation in observing permit-based work in high-risk environments, empowering them to play a critical role in maintaining safety, preventing accidents, and promoting a culture of risk-awareness within their respective industries.

Pre-requisite Unit


Competency Field

Work control systems


1 Day


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Observe Permit Work (Spotter/ Sentry)

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