Skid Steer Loader

RIIMPO318F – Conduct civil construction skid steer loader operations


RIIMPO318F is a nationally recognised training course that focuses on developing the skills necessary for safe and effective operation of skid steer loaders in civil construction sites. Participants will learn how to operate skid steer loaders to a high standard of safety and proficiency, as well as develop an understanding of the potential hazards and risks associated with operating these machines in a civil construction environment. Successful completion of this course will enable participants to attain the relevant certification and operate skid steer loaders on a range of construction sites in Australia.

This course covers a range of topics, including

  • conducting prestart checks prior to commencing operations and shutdown procedures on completion of operations
  • driving and operating the equipment to site conditions
  • completion of operations to specification using at least two different material types (i.e. one different material per occasion) including:
  • stripping/spreading materials
  • backfilling
  • excavations
  • mixing materials
  • selecting, fitting, testing, using and removing attachments

This unit alone does not provide sufficient skill to independently load and unload equipment. To perform this activity safely, personnel must either complete or be assisting someone who has completed RIIHAN308F Load and unload plant or equivalent

ll participants are required to wear the following minimum PPE to enter our facilities:

  • Fully enclosed shoes (steel-capped boots preferred)
  • Long-sleeve shirt with high visibility
  • Long work pants

Additional PPE may be required depending on the course requirements.


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