Slewing Mobile Crane Over 100 Tonnes

TLILIC0020 – Licence to operate a slewing mobile crane (over 100 Tonnes)


The slewing mobile crane over 100 Tonnes course is designed to equip participants with the essential knowledge, skills, and practical experience required to safely and efficiently operate a slewing mobile crane with a lifting capacity of over 100 tonnes. This comprehensive training program is specifically tailored for individuals seeking to obtain the necessary qualifications and licenses to operate heavy cranes in compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Throughout this intensive course, participants will undergo rigorous training that covers a wide range of topics crucial for safe crane operation. The course encompasses both theoretical and practical components to ensure a well-rounded understanding of crane operations. Participants will delve into the following key areas:

  1. Crane Operations Theory:
    • Understanding crane components, mechanisms, and functions.
    • Crane types, classifications, and configurations.
    • Load charts interpretation and calculation of load capacities.
    • Crane stability and factors affecting safe operation.
  2. Safety and Risk Management:
    • Identification of potential hazards and risk assessment.
    • Rigging and lifting gear inspection and maintenance.
    • Emergency procedures and protocols.
    • Site-specific safety considerations and regulations.
  3. Crane Operation Practical Skills:
    • Pre-operation checks and procedures.
    • Hoisting, lowering, and positioning of loads.
    • Precision control and maneuvering of the crane.
    • Communication techniques between crane operator and signaler.
  4. Lifting Procedures and Techniques:
    • Planning and organizing lifting operations.
    • Selecting appropriate lifting techniques and equipment.
    • Load estimation, positioning, and securement.
    • Load weight calculation and distribution.
  5. Legislation and Compliance:
    • Understanding relevant industry regulations and standards.
    • Legal requirements for crane operation and licensing.
    • Documentation and record-keeping obligations.

This training is conducted by experienced and certified instructors who provide personalized guidance and instruction to ensure each participant’s successful mastery of the crane operation techniques. Practical hands-on sessions are conducted in a controlled environment, enabling participants to build confidence and proficiency in operating a slewing mobile crane over 100 tonnes safely and effectively.

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– A current National HRWL to perform dogging or a current certification for a specific VET course for HRWL to perform dogging that has been issued by, or on behalf of a WHS Regulator
– A current National HRWL to operate a Slewing Mobile crane (up to 60 Tonnes), and current industry experience operating a slewing mobile crane of greater than 20t and up to 60t competently for at least 2 years.
– Ability to understand and write English.
– 18 years of age
– Participants must wear correct safety clothing which includes: trousers, long sleeved shirt, safety boots, gloves, glasses, and helmet.


Upon successful completion of the TLILIC0020 – Licence to operate a slewing mobile crane (over 100 Tonnes) course, participants will be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to apply for a high-capacity slewing mobile crane license. This qualification opens doors to various employment opportunities in industries such as construction, mining, heavy logistics, and infrastructure development.


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