Undertake First Response to Fire Incidents

MSMWHS212 – Undertake first response to fire incidents


This unit of competency covers the skills and knowledge required to undertake an appropriate first response to fire incidents in onshore and offshore situations/emergencies. People working, operating or who regularly travel to an onshore or offshore hydrocarbon/petrochemical installation or facility or major hazard facility may require this competency.

This unit could be applied to any of the following installations or facilities:

  • factories and production plants
  • onshore/offshore rig/installation
  • island based facility
  • floating production vessel or platform
  • onshore production, processing pipeline systems and/or storage facilities
  • pipeline easements
  • maintenance bases.

This unit of competency applies to operators who are required to respond to fires in the workplace (other than evacuating to the assembly point). It covers the first response (only) to fire, and does not include aggressive fire-fighting. Typically this response would be undertaken to contain/extinguish a minor fire or to contain a more major fire until external help arrives (for an urban plant) or to allow for mobilisation of more highly trained responders or evacuation (for a remote/offshore plant). This unit of competency applies to an individual working alone or as part of a team or group and working in liaison with other shift team members and the control room operator, as appropriate.


Pre-requisite Unit


Competency Field

Work health and safety


1 Day

Participants Will Need To Bring.

  • Hi Vis Shirt or Vest,
  • Protective Footwear
  • Please bring your own lunch
  • Water, Tea & Coffee facilities are available

Performance Evidence

Evidence required to demonstrate competence in this unit must be relevant to and satisfy all of the requirements of the elements and performance criteria and demonstrate the ability to:

  • recognise and assess fire situations, including the identification of different types of fires and fuels
  • determine appropriate actions according to procedures and within scope of own responsibilities, including:
  • evacuate (self/others)
  • seek assistance as appropriate
  • apply control measures
  • select and use a range of first response fire-fighting safety equipment
  • select and use appropriate extinguishing agent
  • apply defensive fire-fighting tactics and techniques
  • select and use personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • minimise the effect of a fire incident
  • communicate clearly and unambiguously with a range of personnel on fire emergency conditions, related problems and safety and emergency procedures.


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