Study Civil Construction

In the heart of Australia’s bustling Civil Construction industry lies an unmatched potential for growth and career advancement. As this sector continues to expand, the demand for skilled and qualified professionals is at an all-time high. And that’s where we come in, bridging the gap between talent and the industry’s evolving needs.

Our training organisation understands the intricacies of civil construction, from the broad strokes of infrastructure development to the finer points of specialised projects. Whether it’s roads, railways, buildings, water reservoirs, sewer systems, bridges, or tunnels – we’ve got the expertise to prepare you for it all.

But why choose us for your Civil Qualifications?

  1. Industry-Centric Curriculum: We’ve tailored our courses to reflect the real-world needs of the Civil Construction industry in Australia. Our Civil Construction Plant Operations Qualification is meticulously designed to provide hands-on experience and insights, ensuring you’re job-ready from day one.

  2. Specialised Training: Venturing into niche areas? We’ve got you covered with courses specialising in Surface Extraction Operations and Civil Plant Operations. Dive deep into specific sectors of civil construction and stand out from the crowd.

  3. Experienced Trainers: Our team comprises industry veterans who bring a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to the table. Learn from the best and gain the competitive edge.

  4. Strong Industry Connections: With our extensive industry network, we don’t just offer training; we open doors to opportunities. Our graduates often find themselves at the forefront of major infrastructure projects, especially in high-demand regions like Queensland.


Recognition of skills and knowledge gained through previous work experience and studies may be used to award competency within Connection Group Australia’s Construction courses.

Students with prior industry experience may be eligible for recognition of prior learning (RPL). Similarly, students with prior qualifications and/or statements of attainment may be eligible for Credit Transfer. 


Connection Group Australia’s qualifications offer flexible and easy-to-access options with an emphasis on quality and customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Civil Qualifications refer to credentials that verify an individual’s skills and knowledge in the civil construction sector, including designing, building, and maintaining infrastructure

Plant operators are in charge of running heavy machinery and equipment that is used in industrial and manufacturing processes. In civil construction, they can drive earthmoving machines to level, excavate, move and load earth, rock and other material.

A plant operator course takes anywhere between 8.5 hours up to two years. It largely depends on the program and whether your state or industry requires additional certifications.

Its best to discuss with our 

If an individual wishes to apply for RPL they must complete an application for enrolment and include supporting documents such as detailed records of their experience, employment, training and anything else which may be relevant.  

  • Whilst the RPL process will be led by Connection Group Australia, the onus is on the student to provide sufficient evidence to satisfy assessors that they currently hold the relevant competencies.   
  • This RPL application and evidence will to be assessed and the student will be notified of the outcome of whether they can proceed with the RPL or not.   
  • Once a student has been assessed, and is able to proceed with the RPL, Connection Group Australia will supply the student with the appropriate RPL Kit to complete as part of their portfolio.  


This course covers foundational civil construction skills, from planning and design to the practicalities of constructing and maintaining various infrastructure projects.


The duration can vary based on the specific course and mode of study. Typically, our courses range from several weeks to a few months.


Prerequisites can vary based on the course level. Generally, an interest in the field and basic educational qualifications are required. Specific courses might have additional requirements.


Our curriculum is regularly reviewed and updated by industry experts, ensuring that our training aligns with the latest trends and standards in the civil construction field.



Interested in applying for a Building and Construction course at Connection Group Australia? Get in touch to speak to a member of our team and find out more about how to apply today.